Maple Bacon Latte

Prep Time: 2 hours  |  Cook Time: 4 minutes
Recipe via Ace of Spades HQ

Maple Bacon Latte

Credit: Ace of Spades HQ


  • 7 slices bacon, thick cut
  • 2 shots fresh brewed espresso coffee
  • 2 cups 2% milk or skim
  • 1 Tablespoon of real Maple Syrup
  • Heavy Whipped Cream


  1. Cook 6 of 7 strips , shake briefly when pulling off griddle and drop immediately into sealable jar/jug of 2 cups milk
  2. Refrigerate for 2 hours
  3. Chop remaining bacon into 1/4″ strips. cook, dry, set aside for garnish
  4. Remove bacon from milk after the infusion, set milk aside
  5. Brew 2 shots espresso
  6. Steam (DO NOT OVER FROTH) the baconmilk
  7. Drop syrup FIRST then shots then the steamed milk quickly into large mug. Stir slowly for 10 seconds (make sure you leave room for garnish)
  8. Garnish with whipped cream and the bacon pieces