Who’s Attacking Bacon?

Bacon is playfully known as the “gateway meat” for vegetarians to go back to the meat-eating fold. Perhaps that’s why vegan animal rights zealots are pulling out all the stops to take bacon off the plate.

There’s the Humane Society of the United States, which despite its name has no affiliation with pet shelters that share the “humane society” name. Not that you’d easily know: HSUS’s fundraising materials are full of dogs and cats, yet it funnels money to attack animal agriculture and promote veganism. HSUS uses dollars meant to save pets and instead funds an aggressive litigation, lobbying, and propaganda campaign designed to drive up the price of bacon and other pork products. Key to HSUS’s activism is its allegation that modern pig housing is inhumane.

Then there’s People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which does, well, typical PETA things such as using half-naked models in street theater to attack bacon. Like HSUS, PETA also attacks farms for their use of maternity pens. Despite many leading veterinarians supporting the use of maternity pens to ensure sows remain safe, these radicals oppose them so your bacon will cost more.

Then there’s the so-called Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Don’t let the name fool you: Only 10 percent of its members are physicians and its ideas of “responsible medicine” are straight from a vegan scare campaign. The organization received seed money from PETA and its President (a non-practicing psychiatrist) used to head the PETA Foundation. Not surprisingly, all of its nutrition advice steers people away from bacon and any other meat or dairy product. PCRM runs a group called “The Cancer Project” which exists to frighten consumers into believing that bacon and other food products from animals will give them cancer.

Do these vegan activists have a soy-nugget of credibility, or are they phonier than “fakon”? Check out our Myths and Facts section and learn the truth.